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notary near me
  • Can the notary give me legal advise?
    We are not Attorneys-at-Law, and we are not licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and we may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice
  • What are the requirements to get a form notarized?
    Requirements for Notarization ​ 1) You must have a valid State-issued photo ID, such as a Driver License or Passport. 2) Documents to be notarized must be in your possession. 3) Some documents require the signature of witnesses; scan the documents to check whether or not the signature of witnesses is required. If it is, witnesses must be present at the time of the appointment. If you can't provide witnesses we can provide them for you upon your request. ​ 4) SIGNER MUST BE FULLY AWARE AND ABLE TO ACHKNOWLEGE WHAT THEY ARE SIGNING AND CAN SPEAK ON THEIR OWN BEHALF 4) Payments are to be made in cash, or via PayPal, at the time of the signing. 5) WAIT UNTIL WE ARRIVE TO SIGN YOUR DOCUMENT! Remember the whole purpose of the Notary is to legitimize and corroborate through proper identification, that the person signing the document "is in fact" the person in front of the Notary
  • Can you come notarize a form at a nursing home?
    Yes! The service is available during visitation hours.

Payments Accepted

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- Debit/ Credit Cards are accepted however there is a $2 convenience fee added to the total 

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